BELT Resource Guide

The Beaconhouse School System prides itself on being a primary supplier of educational excellence in an English-medium setting. This promise is made by the System and provided by its teachers to ensure that our students are competent and capable of handling themselves in any given environment. In order to keep this promise to its various stakeholders, Beaconhouse has set standard benchmarks for the English Language proficiency of our teachers to be at the upper intermediate level as a pre-requisite for employment. Thus enabling the teachers to be linguistically equipped to tackle the daily needs of communicating with their students, parents, peers and other members of their professional networks.

All prospective teachers can prepare in advance for the English Language Proficiency Test. The test is designed to assess the following skills of the English Language: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and the Mechanics of English. The Speaking and writing each have 25% weightage because productive skills are the most required skills in the classroom. The weightage for listening is 20%, Reading 15% and Mechanics of English is 15%. The overall grade of the test is based on the consolidated score.

All prospective teachers are expected to achieve a score of B2 (CEFR) level, which is the upper intermediate level of English.
Each candidate can make three attempts over the four month period, ensuring that there is a month's gap between each attempt.

The following resource guides can used to develop the English language skills further.

Good Luck!


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