1. Please do not submit under your own name feature items such as articles, book/film reviews, or poetry etc that have been reproduced from the Internet or other sources. We will have to decline any material that is clearly plagiarised or that appears to have been copied. See Appendix I for more details on plagiarism.

  2. If you want to share something that you have particularly enjoyed, make it very clear that it is not your own work. For example:
    • The following article by/from ........ makes very interesting reading.
    • I came across this wonderful poem the other day and wanted to share it with you all.
    • Much has been written about the advent of technology and how it has transformed our lives, but this article by/from ....... eloquently makes the case for exercising restraint in its use.

  3. Please avoid sending in anything that could be considered defamatory, derogatory or likely to cause offence to anyone as it will not be accepted. Something that may seem innocent fun to you may be a sensitive issue for another person.

  4. Please bear in mind that TBT Online is not the appropriate vehicle for anything of a political nature and we discourage submissions that express very personal and biased views.

  5. Please proofread your work for typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Computer spelling and grammar checks can help, though you shouldn't rely on them too heavily. Submitting sloppy work reduces its chances of being selected.

  6. Don't use words you are unfamiliar with because it is more than likely you will use them incorrectly. Simple and straightforward is best. Sometimes you need to use a different word to avoid repetition but the thesaurus is not always helpful. Very often people choose a synonym which is inappropriate for the context, so we sometimes end up with sentences such as: Technology integrated lessons manifold students' learning. or Have a saccharine summer.

  7. Please follow the format provided for all submissions. Don't simply append submissions to the end of your email message as these are often missed.

  8. If you are 'featuring' one particular student in a photo, do try to make it as animated and interesting as possible. A serious, passport style photograph will simply not convey the impression that that particular student stands out for some reason.

  9. Our news section is for current or recent events. Something that took place more than two weeks earlier has passed its sell-by date. Reporting an event as soon as it happens gives it a sense of relevance and immediacy and is much easier to do than trying to recall the circumstances long afterwards.

We reserve the right to reject or seek revisions to any material that we believe does not comply with TBT policy.