Make notes first:

  1. Film title. You could also include a star rating here.
  2. Introduction: what you expected from the film
  3. Genre: what type of film is it? Does it have a message?
  4. Plot: what happens in the film? Does the plot make sense? Is it easy enough to follow? Is it believable?
  5. Characters: Who are the main characters and what are they like? Who are the actors playing these parts, and are they good in the parts?
  6. What is the camerawork/ animation like? If there are special effects, what are they like? Are there beautiful scenes? Are there moments when the camera is used in an interesting way?
  7. Did you enjoy the film? Why/why not? What were its good and bad points?
  8. Write about a scene you particularly enjoyed or remembered. Why was it good/ memorable?
  9. Would you recommend this film? To what sorts of people? Why?
  10. Are there any other films you can compare this film to?

When you have completed your planning by answering the questions, you should write the review. Remember:

  • Set your work out in paragraphs
  • Take care with spelling and punctuation
  • Make the review interesting to read by choosing your language carefully
  • Write in the first person and try to address the reader directly. For example:
    'I urge you to go and see this film - it's brilliant!'
  • • Write in a style that is informal, but not too informal.
  • listtwo


Kung Fu Panda 2

The chubby Kung Fu master returns in this sequel to the hit animation film. He has now become a warrior and local hero, but he is still recognisable as the cuddly and lovable Po obsessed by food. All the other characters are there as well including the Furious Five and Master Shifu, but this time Po must save China from a new enemy, the evil peacock Lord Shen.

Before Po can fulfil his true destiny he must uncover the truth about his past and find out whether a goose, called Mr Ping, can really be his father. The story revolves around the link between the evil Shen and the fate of Po's parents.

The familiar voices of Jackie Chan, David Cross, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen and, of course, Angelina Jolie, lend their own particular charm to the characters of the Furious Five, while Dustin Hoffman is back as Po's mentor and trainer Master Shifu.

The film is full of action-packed scenes, and the final battle is amazing, but it somehow lacks the appeal of the original. This time round, it is also more appropriate to a younger audience, lacking some of the adult sophistication of the earlier version but that may not be a bad thing because some family animated movies are an odd mix of adult jokes in childish scenarios.

Overall, the film is quite good fun and though I would stop short of urging you to see it, I would recommend it as 90 minutes of light entertainment.