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Recruitment Policy

Q. Is Beaconhouse an equal opportunity employer?
Yes, all applicants have equal opportunity of employment irrespective of their age, sex, marital status, family status, disability, race, nationality or religion provided that these do not impede the abilities of the prospective appointees to carry out normal job duties or affect the health & safety of fellow employees.

Q. What is the minimum age limit for employment in Beaconhouse?
18 years.

Q. Can blood relations and related family members work in a same branch/office/department?
Only with the approval of Head of HR.

Q. Can blood relations and related family members work in a branch/office/department where one is in the supervisory capacity to the other?

Q. Is it necessary for the applicant to submit a copy of Computerized National Identity Card during the hiring process?
Yes, an applicant must furnish a Computerized National Identity Card before he/she can be offered a job.

Q. What is the duration of probation period for a teacher or any other employee in the Beaconhouse?
Six working months, which may be extended to nine working months, based on job performance.

Q. Can a terminated employee be rehired?

Leave and Attendance Policy

Q. When does the leave year begin?
The leave year begins on July 1, and every year new leave balances are updated in your leave bank at the start of the leave year.

Q. When does the leave year end?
June 30 is the end of the leave year.

Q. Which leaves will lapse at the end of the leave year?
Casual, Sick and un-availed Annual Leave above 10 will lapse at the end of the year. For example, if your Annual Leave balance is 12 on June 30, 10 of them will be carried forward and two will lapse.

Q. How many Annual leaves can be carried forward?
Ten Annual Leaves can be carried forward.

Q. What is the maximum number of leaves that can be accumulated?
A total of 30 leaves can be accumulated.

Q. Which leaves can be en-cashed?
Leftover Casual Leaves up to half of the entitlement at the end of the leave year. For example, if an employee is entitled to 15 Casual Leave days and avails eight of them, the remaining seven will be en-cashed. For teachers, full entitlement of 5 days is en-cashable.

Q. How many Casual Leave days can be availed at a stretch?
Maximum three Casual Leaves can be availed in one go.

Q. How much Annual Leave can be availed in one go?
A minimum of five and a maximum of 30 days' Annual Leave can be taken at a stretch.

Q. How many days of Maternity Leave are available to female employees?
Female employees are entitled to 45 days of Maternity Leave.

Q. Can maternity leave be availed during the probation period?
No. The employee has to have completed a year of service.

Q. How many times can Maternity Leave be availed during the service period?

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