Book Review: Anne Of Green Gables Book Review: Anne Of Green Gables

Hamna Ahmad | Class II-A | Beaconhouse Kindergarten Branch, Rawalpindi

How can an orphan girl be adopted by a lonely family that wants a son? Well, this happens in the book, Anne of Green Gables. This classic book is written by L.M. Montgomery. This is the wonderful story of an orphan and Mathew's family.

Anne is an orphan girl. This story revolves around Anne and various episodes of her life. She is adopted by Mathew's family. She lives in a corner of England called Green Gables, which is very beautiful. In the story, Mathew's family consists of a lonely middle-aged brother and sister. I like this book because it makes me laugh when Anne dyes her hair green. If you want to enjoy your free time reading a book go for Anne of the Green Gables.
The Sea of Adventure The Sea of Adventure

Alina Afghan | Class IV | KG-IIPECHS, Karachi

Author: Enid Blyton

Phillip, Dinah, Lucy, Ann and Jack along with their best friend Bill are tracking down a dangerous gang of smugglers.

The smugglers come to know about Bill. He comes to know that he is going to be kidnapped, so he disguises himself as an ornithologist (a lover of birds) and takes his four friends with him to a lonely bird island to hide.

But one night, when everyone is asleep, Bill is kidnapped by smugglers. Later, Phillip, Dinah, Lucy, Ann and Jack find that their boat is smashed and they are trapped in the island.

They make efforts to get a boat in order to rescue Bill from smugglers. They somehow manage to get a boat and reach the smugglers' lair. Exercising lot of caution, they rescue Bill from the enemy lair. Smugglers come to know about them as they are escaping. However, narrowly evading gun shots and sea planes, they get home safely.

They live happily ever after, but having all kinds of new adventures.