Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 1 Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 1

Hamza Assad | Class II-H | Beaconhouse Kindergarten Branch, Rawalpindi

This movie is about a panda called Po who sells noodles but dreams of becoming a Kung Fu Master. One day the Furious Five were coming to the fighting arena. Po wanted to go too but his father wanted him to go and sell noodles there. It is a very funny movie about the clumsy panda creating havoc wherever he went.

The dangerous Tylon escaped from the prison and the responsibility of saving the world fell on Po, who was chosen as the Kung Fu Master. But, how could such a silly panda be Kung Fu Master? The movie was full of clumsy, silly and unbelievable things that Po does in his fight against evil. The movie takes a sad turn when master Shifu almost dies. This movie is a must watch as the silly tricks of Po keep you glued to your seats as you want to watch more and more of them.
Movie Review: Toy Story 3 Movie Review: Toy Story 3

Rija Fatima Aeyzaz | Class II-I | Beaconhouse Kindergarten Branch, Rawalpindi

Toy Story, as the name tells is about Andy's toys. Andy loves playing with toys. Potato Head, Buzz, Jesse, but his favourite toy was Woody, the cowboy. When Andy grew up and had to start college, he put Woody in the things he was taking to college and his other toys in the attic. By mistake the toys were thrown in the trashcan and Woody goes to rescue them. They have many adventures. I liked the story and I enjoyed the way Woody rescues his friends.