Book Review: How to Be Good Book Review: How to Be Good

Munazza Syed | Class V-B | Gulshan Primary III

How to be Good is written by Enid Blyton, who is the author of the renowned series Famous Five. One can learn many things from this story. It teaches manners and how to treat our friends, family and neighbours.

The best part of the book is the sentence which says, "The golden rule is to always treat others as you are to be treated yourself." I believe everyone in this world should follow this advice.

I wish the writer had added more illustrations to the book. I enjoy reading this book and I recommend it to the children up to 11 years of age.
Movie Review: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Movie Review: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Bisma Shabbir | VIII A | BSS Girls Campus Sargodha

Once there was a little boy named Willy Wonkers. He was very fond of eating chocolates but his father was a dentist and did not let him eat chocolates. One Halloween night, he came back with some candies to his home and his father threw them into the fire.

When Willy grew up, he opened a huge chocolate factory of his own. As no one was allowed to go in that factory, Willy Wonkers launched a scheme - finding five golden tickets hidden in chocolates would win a trip to the chocolate factory.

The game had actually been designed to test the greed of the contestants. The five lucky winners Augustus, Violet, Charlie, Veruca and Mike went to the factory. Augustus was the fat boy, Voilet had the habit of chewing gums all the time, Veruca was a spoiled brat and his father was a millionaire and Mike was a clever boy, but Charlie was a poor boy with no greed for anything in his heart.

The journey started and gradually all children were kicked out of the game except Charlie. As a gift for not being greedy, Willy Wonker called Charlie to live in the chocolate factory with his family.