Book Review: The Man Who Made Diamonds Book Review: The Man Who Made Diamonds

Amina Rafique | Class VI Red | BSS Gujrat

Author: Mandy Loader
Illustration: Mike Bell
Publisher: Longman
Publication Date: 1996

The name of the story I read is 'The Man who made Diamonds'. The author of the story is Mandy Loader, and this book is illustrated by Mike Bell. It portrays a very appealing story because of the suspense which arises once the readers find out that something has gone wrong at the Bonington Diamond Mine and a related person has mysteriously disappeared, adding to which is the excellent vocabulary used. The major characters are Peter Rogers and Stephanie's father, who is the financial director of the mines and has disappeared. The part of the story which amused me the most was when the local people, Rogers and Stephanie's father, discovered the blue diamonds at the Bonington mines, as it was a very thrilling moment.

This book can be justified as an enjoyable read, and I recommend it to all the young readers.
Book Review: George's Marvellous Medicine Book Review: George's Marvellous Medicine

Umna Arshad | Class VI-D | Gulshan Middle II

Author: Roald Dahl
Illustration: Quentin Blake
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Publication Date: 1981

George is an 8 year old boy who lives with his mother, father and her grandmother who George is fed up with as she is very selfish and grumpy. When George's parents are at home she is fine but when they go to the farm or to market she scares George with her dark and scary thoughts (she tells him to eat spiders and insects which are very healthy).

One day her mother is going to the market and tells him to give his grandmother her medicine, his father is at the farm. When her mother hasleft George's grandmother starts to scare him. To take revenge he adds bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen, shed and garage items to the medicine and also brown paint so she doesn't suspect anything. Then he boils it and gives a spoonful of it to his Grandmother. She gets tall and George's parents are astounded to see this, she is forced to sleep in the barn as she's too tall.

George's parents try it on the hen which grows a lot. One after another they try it on every animal in the barnyard. Then the medicine is finished and they want to make it more so no one in the world will get hungry and George will be famous. They start to make the medicine. After many failed attempts on the chicken (sometimes the leg is bigger, sometime the neck is bigger and the last time the chicken gets smaller),the Grandmother comes and demands a cup of tea. She saws the cup of medicine and thinks this is tea, she takes all the tea in one sip and starts to shrink and then she shrinks so much that she disappears. First George's mother is angry but then she realises that a big problem is gone forever and the family lives happily ever after.