The Lottie Project The Lottie Project

Zara Amir | Class VI-A | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Review: The book was great and was really realistic. I enjoyed reading it.


The Lottie Project is a children’s literature book written by Jacqueline Wilson.

The book is about a girl named Charlotte. She is being forced to do a boring history project. But as she starts doing it- it becomes interesting, so she creates a Victorian servant girl called Lottie. Her life was really hard, but Charlotte thinks her life and Lottie’s life isn’t so different.
The Genie of Timbuktu The Genie of Timbuktu

Umema Asher | Class: VIII Pink| BSS PTC, Girls’ Branch

Author: Gill Harvey


Once, there was a boy named Abdul who was really lazy but he wanted an adventure. His father told him that he has to go to Djene to his aunt. He was really excited, but his father was worried, so he gave him a charm that was blessed. Abdul set off on his journey, he met some gold traders, who were armed. They let Abdul join them, thus he reached Djenne safely. He looked at the mosques around and was very amazed. Some men were sitting outside the mosque and they got amgry, as he addressed them with his shoes on. They sentenced Abdul to die at sunset. Worried, Abdul went to his aunt Fatima and told her the whole story. She told Abdul to turn everything in the house upside down. After they were finished, Abdul realized that they had stopped the sun from setting. When the people of Djenne got to know about this, they started stomping Aunt Fatima's door. To resolve this matter, Aunt Fatima called Baba Shirfi from Timbuktu to help them. They called the most powerful genie in Timbuktu-El Farouk. Baba Shirfi told El Farouk to take Abdul's place and die. He tried to escape but Baba Shirfi's power was too strong, so he agreed to take Abdul's place meaning that now the sun sets at its right time.

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