Sir Thursday Sir Thursday

Omar Farooq| Class VII-A | Beaconhouse Defence Campus Karachi

Author: Gareth Nix


This book continues the adventures of Arthur who is the rightful heir of the house of the Architect. Arthur is accidently drafted by Sir Thursday and has to spend 100 years in the army. Arthur is then washed between the years and his memory is lost. His name is now Ray Green and he does not remember anything. Because of his good performance in the battle with the newniths he is ranked up to General. He meets Sir Thursday in person and suddenly his memory comes flooding back. Sir Thursday’s army fight the newniths where Arthur claims the fourth key and becomes Commander of the army of the Architect.
The Magic Brush The Magic Brush

Zainab Shehzadi | Class VI Pink | BSS PTC, Girls’ Branch

Author: Enid Blyton


Once upon a time, in a huge castle, lived an old lady named Lilly. She had a daughter named Princes and a maid named Maria. Lily told Maria to clean the castle. Maria was very tired of cleaning the castle because it was very huge. She found a book on Lily’s bed and said “BibbidiBoppidiBoo” and a magic brush appeared. Suddenly, the brush started to clean the castle. While cleaning, the brush made a huge mess by taking out things from the cupboards and cleaning them. Maria got worried. She tried to stop the magic but she couldn’t. Lilly returned and stopped the magic and Maria realised that she would never make such a mistake in her life again.

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