Sneezing Powder Sneezing Powder

Zainab Shehzadi | Class VI Pink | Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus Girls’ Branch

Author: Enid Blyton


In this story, a boy named Smarty lives in a village. He is very poor. He owns a shop of nuts, tea and honey. During winter, people would visit his shop but in the summers, no one would buy from his shop. That makes him worry, as he didn’t have money to buy new clothes and food to eat. Suddenly, an idea strikes him and he goes to another shop and buys a lot of sneezing powder. When he returns home, he looks outside and waits by his bedroom window. Just as some people passed by, he quickly sprinkled the sneezing powder and the people started sneezing. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Smarty rushes to his shop and calls the sneezing people and gives them tea to drink. In this way, he sold lots of tea and made a bunch of money. However, when the villagers went home, they observed that they don’t have cold so they sat and discussed their suspicions. The villagers decided to go to Smarty’s home and discovered that he was sprinkling the sneezing powder on the innocent passerby. An angry old man went inside his home and sprinkled all the sneezing powder on Smarty and he sneezed for 24 hours. After that day, Smarty opened a shop of juices and cold drinks.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Esha Noor | Class VIII C | Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus Girls’ Branch

Author: Rick Riordan


The story’s about a twelve year old kid, Percy Jackson, who is enrolled at a boarding school and that school is anything but good. Percy finds out that his Algebra teacher is actually a monster and is trying to kill him. When his mother, Sally Jackson, finds out she thinks it's the best time to inform Percy about what he really is, a demigod. She sends him to Camp Half-Blood where she felt he‘d be safe and get the necessary training. After spending some time at the camp, Percy finds out that he is the son of Poseidon, the God of Oceans.

There are many major and minor characters with amazing backstories in this book.

The main theme of the story is that there is a hero inside all of us and that the only thing that matters in friendship is loyalty.