1000 Things You Should Know about Science 1000 Things You Should Know about Science

Adan Jawad | Class VIII-Yellow | Beaconhouse JTC Senior Girls

Author: John Farndon

Review: “1000 Things You Should Know about Science” is an incredible reference resource. It is an astounding book as it is full of fascinating science facts. There are 100 illustrated subject panels, each with 10 key facts. Filled with amazing facts about colours, time travel, famous scientists, the invention of the computer and much more, this book will keep you coming back for more. This book is a great read and source of incredible information for everyone who is interested in science.
Throne of Glass Throne of Glass

Maheen Asim | Class VII-Amber | Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus Gujranwala

Author: Sara J Maas Review: Throne of Glass is one of the best fantasy stories written by Sara J Maas, something that you can read many times and still enjoy.

Caleana is a well-known assassin and is the queen of the underworld, but when she is captured and send to a death camp, her survival instints are tested. After a year of hardship, she is summoned by the Crown Prince of Andarlan to take part in a competition. The competition promises to appoint her as the king’s champion for four years if she wins and ultimately, it shows her a path to gaining her freedom.

To find out if she succeeds, come and join the mystical adventures of Caleana, Andarlan’s assassin.