My Expectations
Dua Nadeem, Anam Ahsan, Eshaal Imran, Maheen Qureshi | Class V | Beaconhouse I-9 Campus, Islamabad
There are no worries
And no hurries.
Oh what a joy!
When I see all the colorful koi,
It gives me ray of hope
That I am not tied with a rope
It relieves my stress
That my life is not a mess.
I want appropriate clothing
and ambiance which is calm and soothing
I want to visit all the sandy beaches
And eat some tasty peaches.
I want to live my life without allergies
I’d like to pursue all my hobbies
I want to play a funny trick
On a person who is wise
and steal his French fries
I want to wear a cape
And then escape
On a day that is sunny
And enjoy teaspoon full of honey
I also want to be free
And capture the best scenery
There is nothing extremely challenging
Spending all these days in joyful travelling
Through these anticipations
I can feel warmth and relaxation
I love to have unhealthy meals
And riding on a bicycle with one wheel
I don’t want to have rest
I want to reach the mountain’s crest
I want to feel the heat
And dance on a mellow beat
I want to experience tourism
Without facing any racism
I’ll open the corridors of learning
And be the person who loves sharing
I’ll avail all the prospects of success
If I will be able to get enough access
I want to feel comfort
While enjoying my sweet dessert
These are my unrealistic expectations
Which have no full stops, no limitations.
Areej Afzal | Class V | Beaconhouse I-9 Campus, Islamabad
Thanks for being my friend
I hope you stick with me till the end
Telling me to stay strong
And reminding me all day long
You are just like my sister
I hope this poem is not a tongue twister.

We will always stick together
And not fly away like a feather
Standing by my side
Is what you have never denied.

Thanks for helping me to grow
Here’s a poem to let you know
Every word I wrote for you
Is true and you might know.
New Beginnings
Eelaf Noor | Class XI-White| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
I lived in a place where the desperate cries of fragile species were silenced
I silenced my objections and accepted their vile bearings
After all, who was I to speak?
I was only to bear the pain of a child, the afflictions of a husband the burden of a thousand unsaid thoughts that I will take to the grave
After years of suffering, I decided to look up to sky and ask for rain once again
I asked for the sun that once shone down on me and gave me the warmth of a home I craved
After years of sacrifice, I stole a single moment of leverage life gave me and made that into a lifetime
I look in the mirror and see someone fighting a new battle every day, carrying the weight of broken yesterdays and the hope for every tomorrow to come
I am entering a realm unknown to me till yet
A world of choices and acceptance and belief
Of every next breath, I am still unsure, the taste of freedom not yet familiar
I am trying to let go of the woman I was a thousand yesterday’s ago, but my tyrannized soul still hears whispers of blasphemy on such a thought
I am aware such torturous thoughts will stain my future on many occasions
The nightmares of the life I left behind may very well catch up to me, I may be weary of every decent man that gathers the courage to talk to me
After all my efforts, I still left a part of me in one of the yesterdays
However, the courage I find in me is not temporary
It is not a box of forgotten memories that I will find once in a while
My determination stems from self-love and acceptance that I perceived after years of silence. With every new beginning, I recover a lost part of mysel

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