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A Tribute to Asma Jahangir
Rumaisa Habib | A Level| Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore
As a woman I am expected
To be quieter than my footsteps
For my shoes are made of something dainty
And by someone whose name I can't pronounce

I am supposed to make my sentences as short as my stature
For the fear that no one will listen if I continue

As a woman
When I see someone 5 feet like Asma Jahangir
With an influence larger than herself
With sentences longer than I thought I could ever use
For the fear of being irrelevant
Being 5 feet feels not so bad for me

As a woman
When I realise my worth
Is not defined by the space I occupy
Rather it's the words that occupy the mind
I realise it's time to buy new shoes
That reflect the loudness of how I feel
In the attempts that if I step hard enough
Backs will turn to me

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