Elishba Javed Student in the Spotlight

Elishba Javed

It is quite an achievement if you can create remarkable stories when you are only in Class IV. That's only the half of it with BSS Mirpur's little fourth grader Elishba Javed, the student in the spotlight this week.

She enthusiastically participated in the school's 'Letter Writing Competition' and was thrilled to secure first position. This is not the first time that Elishba has shown off her talent; last year she also entered the Inter-Regional Story Writing Competition and came third. She may appear shy, but her imagination shines out in her stories. In addition to writing, Elishba keenly takes part in the presentations at morning assemblies and is turning into quite a little performer.

Elishba's other recent accomplishment was her 2nd position in the 'Inter-School Letter Writing Competition'. Her keen language skills have flourished over the years and she was the star speller of her class, claiming the second spot in the 'Spelling Competition' held at Primary Level. Her interests and skills are myriad: one moment she is hosting a 'Humorous Urdu Mushaira' and the next she is a spirited player on the football field. Perhaps not unexpectedly, Elishba already has plans for her future - her ambition is to be a doctor. BSS Mirpur is extremely proud of its little high flier, and happy to showcase such versatility.