Waltonites are on the crest of a wave! News Story

Saadia Shahzad | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Walton Campus Lahore

"When a young artist is ready, one has to bring him into the limelight.” – Placido Domingo

Lahore: Beaconhouse School System organized a mega virtual event (BIVV) to connect, communicate and celebrate students learning in these unprecedented times. It was held in February and March at different levels; School-based, Intra Cluster, and Grand Finale. BIVV aimed to provide a forum of virtual competitions for different age levels throughout the Beaconhouse community. This competition provided a wide range of learning experiences to students, teachers, and the schools.

We are pleased to announce BSS Walton Middle School Students won 2nd position among 37 Clusters in North, South, and Centre regions in the short film making/documentary category. The theme of the short film-making/documentary competition was “Life in my community today and tomorrow”.

The title of the short film was, “What we stand for is what we stand on!”. The message that was vibrated through this short film was that by standing for what we stand on; we can stand up for the things that matter in this world. It emphasised the fact that we should adopt a lifestyle that sustains a healthy and clean environment in our homes, community, and planet. It targeted the fact that we are sowing a tomorrow for ourselves and the coming generations and if today we don’t do it, tomorrow it is going to be us and our future generations suffering the most.

Filmmaking is a miracle of collaboration said, James McAvoy. This particular short film was directed and edited by one of our talented English teachers, Ms. Mehreen Al Aidroos. Our wonderful team of young artists included; Aroushey Ahmed (VI Red), Abdul Hadi (VI Red), Syeda Khadija Bhukhari (VI Red), Maryam Sheryar (VI Green), Ayaan Malik (VI Violet), Alizee Ansar (VI Violet), Minahil Ali (VI Pink), Saleha Sohail (VI Silver), Syeda Fatimah Zaidi (VII Gold), Fatima Shahzad (VII Gold).

Students at Walton campus work hard and work with dedication. They ensure they meet the criteria for each competition they participate in and the result is as expected; they come out victorious. Our students have made us immensely proud in all categories in all interschool and even international categories.

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