Online Awareness Seminar on Tree Plantation: News Story

Shaleem Imram | Staff correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Cantt Campus Sargodha

Sargodha: In order to inculcate mindful citizenship and influence cognizance of surroundings in students, Beaconhouse Cantt Campus Sargodha arranged an Online Awareness Seminar on Tree Plantation. At BSS, we strive to innate responsibility in students by educating them about global impact of their actions. The honorary guest speaker laid emphasis on significance of plantation and importance of it's flourish. Students enthusiastically participated and their concerned queries at the end of the session showed their eagerness to the cause. This session will serve as a motivation for our students to play an active role for the betterment of their surroundings. To commence the learnings, a tree plantation activity will be carried out by the students in up coming week in their residential areas.

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