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Komal Waseem | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Gulshan Primary Branch VI Karachi

Karachi: As Beaconhouse shifts to remote learning during this unprecedented school closures worldwide, BSS has launched the Beaconhouse Schooling Uninterrupted (BSU). BSU is an online platform designed for seamless academic operations, helping parents and teachers to facilitate student learning.

Teachers at Gulshan Primary VI have designed a mix of online and offline activities, to keep students engaged and active whilst at home. Live feedback and interaction with teachers through video and messaging has beneficially given a very personal touch to this new venture. This, so far, has been an enriching experience for the parents and students alike, who are enthusiastically exploring this advanced medium. Over the weeks, the increase in online student attendance at the Beaconhouse Gulshan Primary VI and the timely submissions of assignments has been extremely encouraging to see. With the combined efforts of teachers, parents and the students, BSU can successfully set a new norm in academics.

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