Interhouse English Declamation --- A Speak Up Challenge News Story

Shama Salman | Staff correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal

Sahiwal: Interhouse English Declamation event was organized by English Literary Society of Sahiwal Boys campus on February 26, 2020. The event was dedicated to pay tribute to the activist, Martin Luther King Jr.

The participating teams included ‘Eagles House’ and ‘Stallion House,’ with the given topic ‘media is ruining our lives.’ Media, whether in the form on television, print or internet, is undoubtedly effecting various aspects of our lives. The teams were challenged to put forth their arguments in favour and against the technological boom and convince the audience of their viewpoint.

Both the teams displayed great debating talent. However, with comprehensive reasoning, facts and figures the Eagles House team won the debate.

The event concluded on Martin Luther King Jr. famous speech ‘I have a dream.’

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