Lim Hung – Cubing Champion News Story

Parames Seelan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Sri Petaling Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: Many congratulations go to Lim Hung of Year 7 who is a cubing star! Over the last five months, he has won 16 podium places competing in Malaysia, Sumatra (Indonesia), Medan (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Singapore. In August 2018, he participated in the Asian Championships and won first place in both the Asia and Open 3x3x3 competition by solving the cube with his feet. At the most recent competition in Indonesia in January 2019, Lim Hung achieved five podium places including one gold medal.

The following are his current achievements:

• 3x3x3 with feet: 6 gold medals
• Skewb cube: 1 gold medal, 1 bronze medal
• 5x5 cube: 1 silver medal
• 7x7 cube: 2 bronze medals
• 2x2 cube: 2 bronze medals
• Clock cube: 1 bronze medal
• Pyraminx cube: 1 bronze medal
• Fewest Moves: 1 bronze medal

In the near future, Lim Hung will be competing in the World Championships in Tokyo. We look forward to hearing all about his trip and wish him luck with his performance.

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