Blood circulation! News Story

Samina Naz | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Steel Town Campus

Karachi: A set of activities were planned for Class V in the last week of September 2018. The students were provided with the models of human heart and were asked to identify the main parts. They were taken to the Science laboratory to dissect a goat's heart and locate and compare different chambers and blood vessels and explore their connections with the flow of blood.

Dr Asia Masroor, mother of Unzil Masroor of Class V-C was invited to explain the problems related to the blood circulatory system and the ways to keep our heart healthy.

To consolidate their learning, the students conducted an awareness campaign during break regarding contagious and non-contagious diseases common in their surroundings and the ways to protect themselves from these diseases. Headmistress Mrs Ghazala Zubair, Senior Mistresses Ms Samina Naz and Ms Nusrat Jokhio visited their campaign area near the canteen and asked many questions related to the common issues of diseases and the ways to eradicate such issues.

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