Student Council Election 2018 News Story

Maryam Faiz Tiwana | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Liberty Lahore

Lahore: Once again BLL’s corridors became the hub of activity as the elections for the 2018-19 student council were announced. The students participated in the election campaign with full enthusiasm, which continued for two days. The nominated captains and vice captains of various houses worked tirelessly to engage their potential voters. They made friendly conversations, passed around badges, and chanted their slogans, in an attempt to gather votes. The candidates also delivered an array of speeches, full of passion, to the entire student body. On the day of the election, the candidates waited anxiously reminding their peers who to vote for. A nervous but excited buzz was in the air as the students lined up, ready to make their decision. The votes were cast and the process finally came to an end.

The election results were announced on October 3, 2018. The winners took the stage amidst loud applause from the students who were overjoyed to see their favourite candidates succeed in the elections.

Congratulations to the elected student council 2018-2019!

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