Annual English Essay Writing Competition 2018 News Story

Bilal Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT| Beaconhouse Defence Campus

Lahore: The Annual English Essay Writing Competition 2018 for O level students was held on September 12, 2018. Students from Classes IX, X and XI participated in the competition. They had the option to choose from a variety of serious and humorous topics, and 40 minutes to write their essays. During the first round, best essays were shortlisted from each section as the finalists. A panel of judges comprising the English teachers evaluated the chosen essays and selected the winners from each class.

The English Essay Writing competition winners received certificates for securing the first four positions and the best essay from each section was awarded a certificate of participation. It was a highly motivating and inspiring event for both students and the faculty.

The following students got the first four positions in the competition:

Class IX

1st Position - Novera Ali (IX White)
2nd Position - Sophia Naveed (IX White)
3rd Position - Irfan Lodhi (IX Green)
4th Position - Ammar Shahid (IX Orange)

Class X

1st Position - Linta Rasheed (X Blue)
2nd Position - Sarah Javed (X White)
3rd Position - Muhammad Ahmad (X Gold)
4th Position - Tajwar Binte Tariq (X Violet)

Class XI

1st Position - Mohammad Shaheer Malik (XI Green)
1st Position - Mohammad Taha Cheema XI Green
2nd Position - Zaid Bin Sulal (XI White)
2nd Position - Taha Ahmad (XI Violet)
3rd Position - Izza Azam (XI Amber)
3rd Position - Manal Afzal (XI Pink)
4th Position - Shayan Husham (XI Violet)
4th Position - Ahmad Jawwad (XI Green)
4th Position - Fouhal Amir (XI Yellow)

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