Student Council Election 2018-19 News Story

Shehnila Waqas | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSTRP

Rawalpindi: The day began with great excitement and curiosity as Headmistress Mrs Saima Faheem officially announced the names of the candidates for the positions of head boy and head girl for the upcoming elections. The candidates were selected against a set criteria which were shared with all the students. Two students, (a boy and a girl) from each Class V section have been nominated. The HM introduced these students in the morning assembly. They were allotted their election symbols and were asked to start their election campaign from September 17, 2018.

During electioneering all the contestants shared their perception of leadership and if elected how they would practice this leadership ability to add value to the school and the learning environment. They tried hard to convince the students that each one of them was the right choice and that if they voted for them they would facilitate them in all school activities.

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