• Wonderfully Red

    Sharjah: To celebrate a festive Red Day at Khaleej Nursery, children wore red outfits and learnt about the colour red.

  • Cuddly Companions

    Dubai: Children brought their favourite stuffed toys to school and introduced them to their teachers and classmates.

  • Spaghetti Dexterity

    Sharjah: Stringing Cheerios or Fruit Loops on spaghetti is a great game that helps develop fine motor skills in toddlers.

  • Diamond Jubilee

    Dubai: As Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of her ascension to the throne, our students at Palms Nursery joined the celebrations by donning Union Jack hats and dressing in red, white and blue.

Latest News

Parable Puppetry

Parable Puppetry

Sharjah: Nothing makes a storytelling session more enjoyable than a puppet show.

Healthy Teeth Are Happy Teeth!

Healthy Teeth Are Happy Teeth!

Dubai: A visit by the Mobile Dental Clinic excited the children at the Palms Nursery and they all had their teeth checked by the friendly dentist.

Face Painting

Face Painting

Sharjah: The students at the Khaleej Nursery are always looking forward to the fun activities that their teachers arrange for them.

Easter Cheer!

Easter Cheer!

Dubai: Foundation Stage 1 children at the Palms Nursery, Jumeirah Beach Road gathered for a lovely little presentation to celebrate Easter.


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