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Herein follow my thoughts about schools in general and Beaconhouse in particular interspersed by random musings that are related to neither. Please read with an open mind and keep your comments (if any) civil..!
Kasim Kasuri is CEO of the Beaconhouse School System. He may be followed on twitter at

When Les Anges Montessori Academy started nearly 40 years ago in the basement of my great-grandmother’s home in Lahore’s then leafy Gulberg, the world was a very different place.  Though man had (apparently) charted a course to the moon just a few years earlier, we were living in relatively simple times.  If you had told

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The last couple of months have been quite eventful for me – so much so that I did not get time to write a blog post even though I had much to report… In January, for the second time in two years, I found myself in Davos, a town with the superpower of making regular

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I think I may just have set a world record – even for myself.  Though I am currently cruising at 500 mph from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, having just officiated the groundbreaking of a new building for Beaconhouse-Newlands Kuala Lumpur (http://goo.gl/I9BKEb), I may as well have written my blog 8 months ago (last entry) and

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  Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is a man who takes dignity very seriously.  Throughout the annual summit of ‘Global Dignity’ on 10-11 April at his gracious home near Oslo, we were treated not merely with dignity but as if each one of us was also the crown prince – or princess – of our

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I am sometimes reminded by my mother that, when she was the CE of Beaconhouse, she used to visit every school, every year (I’m sure you can imagine how the rest of this conversation goes..!).  I will often reply (in a manner that can best be described as ‘cautiously defensive’) that we are now a

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Each time I open TBT, I am confronted with an oversized visual of my own face mocking me for not having written anything in this blog since December 2012 (yes, last year…) And now that the Mayan prediction has proved to be hogwash and 2013 is finally upon us, I must at least pretend to

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I started writing this on my way back from Kuala Lumpur on 25 November but it has taken me a few days to begin to collect my thoughts. To attempt to summarize ‘School of Tomorrow: Empowering Lifelong Learners’ (20-21 November 2012, Kuala Lumpur) in a few blog posts would be an injustice – perhaps as

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A few days ago, I met with the core academics team at Beaconhouse to review our progress since the last School of Tomorrow conference in Lahore two years ago.  I think it would not be incorrect to say that the general consensus was that, while we have made considerable progress in a number of areas,

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I’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response received to my inaugural blog post.  I never imagined that my next post would actually take me beyond Eid ul Azha/Hari Raya but, since it has, let me take this opportunity to ‘hope’ that you all had a very happy Eid (assuming you celebrate it).  Moreover,

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I was recently invited to a forum hosted by a ‘prominent’ political party (no obvious hints like ‘rapidly emerging’ or ‘well-established’) to participate in a debate on the future education policy of Pakistan.  My colleague and I were the token representatives of the private education sector at this gathering.  The meeting chairman, a distinguished gentleman

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