Sports Day

Sadaf Ali | Staff Correspondent TBT |North Nazimabad Primary-III

Karachi: A sports day was held much to the delight of the students on December 3, 2014. Excellent organisation and smooth running of each event by the staff resulted in one of the most triumphant sports days. Competitions between the four houses took place in different track events-they also showed equal passion in yoga, hula hoop, aerobics, gymnastics, etc. From theme parade to the races, each event was a success. The event was honoured by the chief guests Mr Jehangir Khan (junior squash champion) and Hassan Amaanullah.

Sports Day-Eat Healthy, Think Healthy

Zoya Ashraf Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Gulshan Primary IV

Karachi: Gulshan Primary IV had their sports day on Tuesday December 9, 2014. The theme 'Eat Healthy, Think Healthy' was clearly being depicted throughout the event. Students started the show with a spectacular welcome dance followed by beautiful displays of P.E and Aerobics. Students made formations of vegetables and fruits to match the theme. Students also actively participated in taekwondo, gymnastics and yoga. The event ended with track events with the lucky winners taking medals home. Students had been working hard for this day and their efforts were truly evident. The parents also appreciated the contribution of students and teachers and enjoyed the event.

The Champions of Swimming Competition

Anum Imtiaz | Staff Correspondent TBT | PECHS Campus-Middle Section

Karachi: Girls from the Middle Section participated in the Sindh Pamolive Swimming Championship which took place at Karachi Gymkhana on October 11 and 12. Different students from 15 different schools participated in the championship out of which six girls from our school brought laurels to the system by securing positions in different races such as the 50 metre breaststroke, 50 metre freestyle and 50 metre backstroke. Mushba of Class VII, Laiba of Class VIII and Sakina of O Levels came third. Wadha and Maria of Class VIII came fourth, whereas Abeer of Class VIII came fifth. Our talented swimmers were given certificates by the organisers and were presented those certificates in the morning assembly.

Annual Sports Day

Karachi: The Annual Sports Day for Gulshan Primary III was held on the November 27, 2014 at the UBL Sports Complex. It began with the usual format-recitation of a few verses from the Quran, performances of aerobics, taekwondo, gymnastiscs, scouts and band displays. All classes II, III, IV, V and VI students completed a practical circuit of various athletic races on the field in houses groups led by their house captains and vice captains. Each event gained points for the various houses and these points were added together to make the red house the winner of the trophy for the day.
Three Cheers for the Champions!

Sadia Tariq | Staff Correspondent TBT | Kindergarten Branch, North Nazimabad

Karachi: The team of North Nazimabad Kindergarten Branch defended their title in the Inter-branch Annual Dodge the Ball Tournament held on November 10, 2014. The players were extremely fervent after their victory and couldn't stop cheering for their branch. Congratulations to our students for bringing the glory to the branch for the fifth time in a row.