Sports News

Maleha Barry Farrukh | Staff Correspondent TBT | TNS Beaconhouse

Lahore: a Cricket World Cup Fever Day was celebrated at TNS Gulberg; to support their favorite teams, students donned their sports jerseys, cheering for their preferred teams. Students sang sporty songs such as; "The world is coming down" etc. An in-house cricket match was played between different classes led by Sir Salman. Students held scoreboards and pompoms cheering for their in-house teams. Each class made reflective banners for their favorite teams with their captains, national flag, theme song and past victories. A photo booth was set up in school with different props such as, trophies, bats, wickets, cricket bails and a stage to get along with the entire theme. It was a lively day where students displayed their love and passion for cricket.

Inter-Branch Cricket Match

Yumna Irum Qazi| Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS PTC, Girls' Branch

Gujranwala: The school organised an inter-branch cricket match among Class VIII students on February 24, 2015. After a lively and energetic match the wining team was happy to have won.

Inter-House Cricket Tournament

Samina Naz | Staff Correspondent TBT | Steel Town Branch

Karachi: The Inter-house Cricket Tournament was held on February 23, 2015 from Classes VI-XI at Steel Town Branch. Four matches were played among four teams, Tigers, Jaguars, Panthers and Leopards.

The first match was played between the Tigers and Jaguars which was won by Tigers. The second match was played between the Panthers and Leopards which was won by the Leopards.

The third match was played for the second runner up between the Tigers and Panthers and was won by the Panthers. The final was between the Leopards and Jaguars which was won by the Leopards.


Leopards were declared the champions of the series
Jaguars stood first runner up
Panthers stood second runner up
Medals were given to all team members of the Leopards
The award for best bowler of the series was given to Ali Jan (Panthers)
The best batsman award was given to Ahmed Waqar (Tigers)

Annual Inter-Office Cricket Tournament 2015

Muhammad Tufail Malik | Staff Correspondent TBT | Regional Office South

Karachi: The day started with few of the best matches in the history of BSS cricket tournaments. The semifinal was the Regional Office against Team SGO-IV. The Regional Office emerged victorious. The Regional Office was then up against the defending champions, SGO I, and after a highly-competetive match, Regional Office South was declared the new champion. Victory would not have been possible without our star bowler, Mohsin Hasib, who managed to restrict the other team to a good target. Mustafeez Ahmed and Ayaz ul Hassan from the Regional Office played strokes that were outstanding. The winning shot was played by Mohsin. Mohsin and Mustafeez got the best bowler and best batsman awards respectively. The post celebration was a hi-tea at Rangoli hosted by the Regional Director.

Sports Gala

Sidra Tahir | Student Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Mirpur

Mirpur: Beaconhouse School System Mirpur's two arch rivals the Jinnah House team and the Iqbal House team came face to face in football and cricket matches. On February 12, 2015, the boys of Classes VI-O Levels participated in football matches. Jinnah house had two teams, Jinnah House Juniors, and Jinnah House Seniors. Iqbal House also had two teams, Iqbal House Juniors and Iqbal House Seniors. The House Captains were leading their teams, Abdul Hadi, Class X-C for Jinnah house and Danyal Aziz, Class X-C for Iqbal house. The audience was supporting their respective houses, with loud cheers, and handmade posters.

In the first match, the Iqbal House Juniors gave Jinnah House Juniors a splendid competition and ended the match with three challenging goals while the other team had two goals, taking their team into the finals. The second match took place between Jinnah House Seniors and Iqbal House Seniors. The competition was tough and neither of the team was backing down. They kept performing with amazing energy and enthusiasm. This time around the Jinnah House defeated the rival team. Now the final match between Jinnah House Seniors and Iqbal House Juniors would decide which house would be the winner of this Sports Gala. When the referee blew the final whistle the score was equal. The winner was to be decided by penalties. In the end Iqbal House Juniors overthrew Jinnah House Seniors and took home the trophy, declaring Iqbal House the winner of the Football league. The next day, February 13, 2015, the two houses came into the field again.

The cricket match took place between Iqbal House and Jinnah House. There had been no change in Jinnah House's spirit, it was still fresh and they'd come with the hope to win and be declared winners, Iqbal House gave them a hard and tough competition once again, but against all odds Jinnah House ended up securing the victory.

It had been an amazing opportunity for everyone to show their talents and take a break from all the studying.