The Spirit of Sports

Akifa Ijaz | Staff Correspondent TBT | Walton Campus

Lahore: The Upper Primary Section at Beaconhouse Walton Campus celebrated sports day on April 21, 2015 amidst enthusiastic students cheering for their friends. The students burst with excitement as they participated in various events such as Relay, Hurdle, Sack and Spoon races. The winners of the races were awarded with medals.

Sports Gala

Saima Ikram | Staff Correspondent TBT | BF Canal Campus

Faisalabad: Sports Gala was held at the Early Years Canal Campus, Boys Branch on April 20, 2015. Students proved themselves to be the best of athletes by showing wonderful performances in different races. The event was attended by Early Years Headmistress Mrs Arshia Zia and BSS Canal Campus Principal Mr Abdul Haseeb. The highlights of the event were recitation from the Holy Quran, reception of the chief guest, flag hoisting and national anthem, walk, races and competitions of different nature. The Sports Gala ended with an award distribution ceremony.

Annual Sports Gala 2015

Attika Malik | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse PWD

Islamabad: Beaconhouse PWD held its second Annual Sports Gala on April 17, 2015. The event was inaugurated in the traditional manner of releasing balloons with the school banner by the Branch Head Ms Mehreen Masood along with the chief guest. The recitation of Holy Quran and its translation was amongst the initial proceedings followed by the welcome note.

A picturesque march past was conducted by all the students forming the star attraction of the event. The girls of Class II and Class III showcased the melodious harmony of aerobics and the Pre-Nursery students participated in the exciting Daddys Shoes and Shopping Trolley races. A fun selection of races by Nursery and KG Class were among the highlights of the event.

The tiny ones were cheered throughout the occasion by the cheerleaders accompanied by the parents eager to give generous applause.

Swimming Champions

Akifa Ijaz | Staff Correspondent TBT | Walton Campus

Lahore: Three Grade V students from the Upper Primary Section, Beaconhouse Walton Campus participated in the Swimming Carnival 2014-2015 held at Canal Side Campus on April 24, 2015. Shahlalay Ali Khan and Laiba Imran participated in a 4 x 50m freestyle relay swimming race (for girls under twelve). They achieved second position and were awarded silver medals. Mohammad Mustafa also secured the third position in a swimming race.

Beaconhouse Walton Campus is very proud of these students for bringing prestige to the campus.

Swimming Prowess

Nida Arif | Staff Correspondent TBT | Johar Town Campus

Lahore: A swimming competition was organized by the sports department of JTC Boys Middle on April 24, 2015 at Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus.

Our students demonstrated a great show of strength and capabilities as excellent swimmers and appreciated the spirit of the sport. They cleared the qualifying rounds and then took part in the finals in which they had to swim 17 meters in the minimum amount of time.

The champions of this competition received honour and participation medals at the end of the day by the Sports Head.

Taekwondo - Belt Promotion Ceremony 2015

Karachi: Primary PECHS Campus held the Taekwondo Belt Distribution Ceremony 2015 on April 28, 2015. The students were given a test after which they were awarded certificates, medals, cups and promotional belts for their hard work and commitment to Taekwondo.

Basketball Frolics

Rida Kamal| Student Correspondent TBT| Canal Campus

Faisalabad: Students of Girls Branch participated in the Annual Basketball Tournament 2015 which was held at BSS Sports Complex Lahore on April 25, 2015.

The girls were able to make it to the quarter finals through their hard work and skill. They had a great time as they interacted with various teams and learnt more about basketball strategy and tactics. The young athletes were enthusiastic and determined to further improve on their skills. The school is extremely proud of its multi-talented girls. Good going girls!