On the Hunt for Stars!
November 25, 2011:  Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus, Gujranwala held its first ever Beaconhouse Music Icon (BMI) final.
Industrial Fair at North Nazimabad
November 25, 2011: Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Primary V students and Grade VI Urdu teachers helped organise an industrial fair at the campus. The purpose of the fair was to create awareness among students regarding the traditional goods manufactured in Pakistan, which are exported to many countries.
Gulshan Primary-I Stands Out in Pakistan Math Challenge
October 28, 2011: Students of Gulshan Primary-I participated in The Pakistan Math Challenge 2011. The challenge was different from that of The World Math Day, which is a continuous activity taking place in March every year under the supervision of Mathletics.
Fashion and Performing Arts Show at Palm Tree Campus
November 16, 2011: Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus (PTC), Gujranwala organised it’s first-ever Fashion and Performing Arts Show. The event was organised by A Level students entirely and consisted of a skit, a fashion show, a mime and a fusion dance performance.
Recycling Week at BSS Abbottabad
BY: Zainab Tareen | Assistant Student Correspondent | Abbottabad
November 26, 2011: In a sincere and solemn endeavour to guard our environment from irretrievable and indelible loss, a recycling week was celebrated by the students and faculty of Beaconhouse School System (BSS) Abbottabad.
Club Day Held at Margalla Campus
BY: Shafaq Ashraf | Student Correspondent | Beaconhouse Margalla Campus - Girls
November 25, 2011: Beaconhouse Margalla Campus, Girls Branch, Islamabad organised a Club Day. A total of 14 clubs participated in the event. Students from Class VI to XI participated in this event and planned for over two months with the help of their teachers.
Project Hope at Jubilee Campus
BY: Zara Habib Khan | Student Correspondent | Jubilee Campus, Karachi
December 4, 2011: Students of Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus were provided with an opportunity to put their learning into practical training. Project Hope aims at developing the understanding of different aspects involved in the running of a professional firm and owning a business.
Owning Learning - A Collaborative Problem Solving Approach
BY: Roohi Haq | Director of Studies | Beaconhouse Head Office
December 3, 2011: Director of Studies, Mrs Roohi Haq, Regional Director (Centre), Mr. Ali Raza, and a group of 16 school heads have set up an informal professional development activity.
Blue Day at Beaconhouse Faisalabad KG
POSTED: December 03, 2011             
November 24, 2011: Beaconhouse Faisalabad, KG Branch celebrated Blue Day. All students and teachers were dressed in blue clothes and the administration and teachers also wore blue masks.
Energy Conservation Day at Satellite Town, Rawalpindi
POSTED: December 03, 2011             
November 26, 2011: Energy Awareness Day was celebrated at Beaconhouse Kindergarten Primary Branch, Satellite Town Rawalpindi.
Mathematics of Life
BY: By: Sana Saleem | Maths Teacher | 45-1-B-1, Peco Road, Lahore
By: Sana Saleem | Maths Teacher | 45-1-B-1, Peco Road, Lahore         Hard Work Knowledge H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K K+N+O+W+...
Blunders and Consequences in Intermediate Examinations
BY: Syed M. Osama | IX-Cambridge |F/11-4 Campus, Islamabad
Syed M. Osama | IX-Cambridge |F/11-4 Campus, Islamabad Of all the problems faced by Pakistan, currently the most controversial problem is the faulty Intermediate result. For the first time, the ...
Partnership Agreement Between BSS and DLC Worldwide
November 28, 2011: An MOU was signed between DLC Worldwide a UK base company and the Beaconhouse School System (BSS) at the Beaconhouse Head Office in Lahore, Pakistan.
Oath-Taking Ceremony at Margalla Campus Girls
BY: Shafaq Ashraf | Student correspondent | Margalla Campus Girls, Islamabad
November 22, 2011: An Oath-taking ceremony was organised for the Student Council at Beaconhouse Margalla, Islamabad-Girls Branch (BMI-G).
CSC Boys Hosts Music Competition, Welcome and Oath-Taking Ceremony
November 23, 2011: The newly-elected Student Council for the Academic Year 2011-12 took oaths in a well-organised ceremony at Beaconhouse Canal Side Campus (CSC) Boys, Lahore. The newly-selected House Captains and Vice-Captains also took charge of their responsibilities after being awarded house flags and sashes.

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