Urdu Debate at Steel Town Branch
November 28, 2011: An Urdu debate competition was held for Class V- VIII. It was organised by Mrs. Shamim Fatima and Mrs. Zahida from Urdu department. Students spoke fluently, eloquently and conveniently to grab the audience's attraction.
Teacher Training Sessions at BSS Bahawalpur
BY: Mariam Noor | Student Correspondent, TBT| Bhawalpur Campus
September 30, 2011: Beaconhouse Bahawalpur Campus has always kept the training of the teachers in mind and for this purpose many courses and workshops are conducted either by visiting regional co-coordinators or from the school heads themselves.
Investiture Ceremony at BSS Nowshera
BY: Samina Mushtaq |Staff Correspondent, TBT | Murtajiz Naqvi |Student Correspondent, TBT | Ibrahim Ali Hashmi |Assistant Student Correspondent, TBT 
December 2, 2011:  The Investiture Ceremony of the session of 2011- 2012 took place at BSS Nowshera.  In mid- October, elections were held in the campus and the Heads and Deputies were elected.
Faisalabad Primary Girls Win the Cloud Study Programme
December 16, 2011: The Nature Club of Pakistan declares six students of Girls Branch, Faisalabad Primary the winners of the Cloud Study Programme.
Civil Lines Campus Participates in Art Competition
November 23, 2011: Beaconhouse Civil Lines Rawalpindi participated in an art competition on road safety, along with 800 participants from different schools.
North Nazimabad Primary I Stood 6th in Pakistan Maths Challenge
BY: Farheen Khalid | Staff Correspondent, TBT | North Nazimabad Primary I
December 17, 2011: North Nazimabad Primary I secured the 6th position in top 25 classes in the Pakistan Maths Challenge.
Skype Sessions at Discovery Centre
December 1, 2011:  Students of Class VIII held a Skype conversation session with the Chinmaya Vidyalaya School in India.
2nd Annual University Fair at Beaconhouse All Girls A Level
BY: Madiha Jaleel | Staff Correspondent, TBT | All Girls A Level, Islamabad
December 6, 2011: The 2nd Annual University Fair was held at Beaconhouse All Girls A Level Campus, F- 10/3, Islamabad.
Garden Town Students Participate In Film Festival
October 7, 2011: A team of nine students from XI-C White participated in the Film Festival organised by the Lahore Grammar School at Ali Institute of Education. They bagged the 2nd position in the category for Advertisements.
Annual Sports Day at Primary II North Nazimabad
November 4, 2011: Beaconhouse Primary II North Nazimabad celebrated its Annual Sports 2011-2012 at the United Bank Limited Sports Complex. The theme of the event was ‘Celebrating Diversity’.
Election Triumph in KG Abbottabad
BY: Safia Asif | Staff Correspondent | Abbottabad
December 9, 2011: Students of Beaconhouse, KG branch Abbottabad (BKGA) participated in an election for the first head boy and girl of the school, for the very first time. Students made endless efforts for a whole week to campaign for popularity among their peers.
Beaconhouse Leadership Entrepreneurial Summit at PTC
BY: Zain ul Abideen | Student Correspondent, TBT | Palm Tree Campus
November 30th, 2011: Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus (PTC), Gujranwala organised its first ever Beaconhouse Leadership Entrepreneurial Summit (BLES).
Intra-Regional Athletic Meet 2011
BY: Ghashia Rauf | Staff Correspondent, TBT | Garden Town Campus
November 30, 2011: The Punjab Stadium resounded with happy cheers as the Intra Regional Athletic Meet 2011 Championship Team Trophy for Boys was held by none other than the host, Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus, Lahore. The team defeated the opponents by a stunning victory with 55 points.
Massacre by Miscommunication
BY: Abdul Raffay | IX-CB | 45-B-I Peco Road
Abdul Raffay | IX-CB | 45-B-I Peco Road At 7:55 am the first bombs were dropped on the sleeping sailors creating havoc on the harbours. At 9:00 am the last wave of attack had ended. In early ...
Blunders and Consequences in Intermediate Examinations
BY: Syed M. Osama | IX-Cambridge |F/11-4 Campus, Islamabad
Syed M. Osama | IX-Cambridge |F/11-4 Campus, Islamabad Of all the problems faced by Pakistan, currently the most controversial problem is the faulty Intermediate result. For the first time, the...

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