The velvet cloak (Ambers dressing up dreams) The velvet cloak (Ambers dressing up dreams)

Rahemeen Goraya | Class VII-Amber | (BG PTC)

Author Name: Jenny Oldfeild

Review: In this book there are three friends: Amber, Pearl and Lily. They were deciding what dress to wear and Amber chose a black cloak. When she wore the cloak, Amber spun around and suddenly disappeared. She went into a magical world where she was like Cinderella. In this world, she was trapped in the attic and the boot boy advised her to climb up the chimney and escape from there. She did as she was told and after reaching the top she fainted. When she woke up, she didn't know where she was and who the guys were standing near her.

To find out what happened next you can read this extraordinary book and see who the guys were, what they wanted and how Amber came back to the real world.