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Question 1: When do we start entering our objectives in the system?
Answer: The process of entering objectives in the system starts from 1st November.

Question 2: What is the deadline for objective-setting?
Answer: All employees are required to finalise and enter their objectives in the system by 30th November.

Question 3: How will support and technical staff enter their objectives according to the new changes in the objective-setting process?
Answer: The new changes in objective-setting are not applicable to the technical and support staff as they do not have to fill Form B.

Question 4: What is the appraisal policy when an employee is being promoted during the term?
Answer: In case of promotion, there will be no change in the performance appraisal process. However, if the employee’s line manager changes, then both managers (previous and new) can mutually discuss and rate the employee.

Question 5: Do we get an increment for improvement of qualification?
Answer: Yes, if an employee attains a higher qualification relevant to his/her job then he/she will be eligible for a qualification improvement increment.

Question 6: Why is the appraisal cycle not in line with the academic year?
Answer: The performance appraisal is conducted in the first quarter of the new academic session but covers the entire academic year.

Question 7: Who will appraise an employee in case of a transfer?
Answer: The employee’s current line manager will complete the appraisal with input from the previous line manager.

Question 8: How do we rate objectives that could not be achieved due to external factors rather than poor performance?
Answer: Line managers can always review objectives that seem difficult to achieve due to external factors.

Question 9: If an employee gets a D for one year, a different grade in the second year, and another D in the third year, would this be considered equivalent to getting two consecutive Ds?
Answer: No, the rule does not apply for alternate years, only for consecutive years.

Question 10: What should employees do if they are dissatisfied with their performance appraisal ratings?
Answer: If employees are dissatisfied with their rating, they can share their concerns with their respective line managers and disagreements can be resolved through mutual discussion. However, if an employee is still dissatisfied, he/she may contact the relevant HR representative.


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