Scientific History News Story

Serein Asad | Staff Correspondent TBT| BSS Senior Boys Branch, Peshawar Road Campus

February 24, 2012

Rawalpindi: A Science and History Carnival was organised at Beaconhouse Senior Boys branch on February 24, 2012. The enthusiasm of the students in the activity was apparent from an impressive display of projects in the school grounds.

Each class set up their own stalls to display their work. They presented 3-D models, live experiments and research work. Apart from that, a timeline of different scientists and inventions was presented with the help of live models, that is, students modelled themselves as different scientists and historians.

Live Modals presenting stone age at BSR Science and Social Carnival
Live modals presenting timeline of different inventions

The exhibition was widely attended by the parents of the students. The School Group Head paid a special visit to extend support to the future scientists. The SGH appreciated the discipline and management at the venue and the whole idea behind the programme.

Students display of their sciecne and social studies 3-D modals

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