Adapting to the O Levels News Story

Mehr Raza | Staff Correspondent TBT | Frontier Campus Girls’ Branch

April 22, 2015

Peshawar: An academic counselling session was held on March 30, 2015 for Class VIII at the Frontier Campus Girls’ Branch. Students attended the O Level orientation prior to registering for classes. Headmistress Ms Farah Naz and Senior Mistress Mrs Nargis Iqbal conducted the session. They asked whether students were unsure about this major decision and whether they needed support, resources, and guidance on how to narrow down major choices.

The orientation programme is designed to help students make a smooth transition and adapt to the O Level stream. It also assists them in choosing CIE O Level subjects. Students were given handouts to help them assess their aptitude and skill level. The session encouraged students to choose subjects based on their aptitude and interests. It was an interactive session where the students participated in activities to understand the importance of making the right subject choice and the significance of choosing an academic direction.

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