A Small Child Who Makes an Important Discovery News Story

Henry, a ten year old boy was living in a Chesterfield which is a village in North America. His mother’s death two days ago proved to be a bolt from the blue for him. He was in complete state of consternation when informed about his mother’s death, as plethora of tears coursed down his pale cheeks. It was Henry’s mother who had been sheltering him from the cruel fate that awaited him, but now with his mother gone, Henry was left with nothing but grief and sorrow. Just three days after his mother’s death, Henry was sent to an old orphanage by his fiendish and obnoxious aunt and uncle who refused to take him in, and it wasn’t just any orphanage that Henry was sent to, it was full of uncanny mysteries. The owner of the orphanage was a cruel man who had a devilish kind of look on his face. When Henry first went to the orphanage, he was thunder struck when he heard the ear-splitting screams of the children howling with pain, but this didn’t remain a mystery for long as the next day, Henry himself was tortured by the caretakers. He was whipped and hit by a cane at least a dozen times. He groaned with pain as red lashes appeared on his skin.

The caretakers that these children deserved nothing better which was brutally unjust. The next day as Henry waited for his turn to be tortured, he suddenly had a brainwave. There was nothing heroic in bearing the unbearable pain, the real heroism was to escape. Henry slowly crept out of his bed, unlocked the door and tip-toed into a narrow passage way. With a leap of his heart, he noticed the sound of several footsteps yelling his name. He ran as fast as his frail legs could carry him when suddenly he fell into something. He fell into nothingness and with a thud landed on soft moss grass. This was a whole new world with sweat scent and breath-taking scenes. As he walked in this unfamiliar land, he stopped when he finally heard something familiar. His mother softly calling his name. He stood there rooted to the spot wondering why on earth he was be able to see his dead mother. That when the mysteries were unveiled. He was actually in the land of the dead but does that mean that he was dead too. It turns out he was not. He could always creep up that trap door and live a normal life. But the truth was that, the life he lived wasn’t normal. The warmth of his mother was way better than the old rotten orphanage. For the first time in forever, Henry was glad that his mother was dead.

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