TBT Launch News Story

November 4, 2011: Today marks Beaconhouse`s 36th Anniversary. During these 36 years, Beaconhouse has transformed from a single school with 19 students to a network of schools with over 200,000 students in 9 countries. Today Beaconhouse is, possibly, the single-largest provider of education in the world. With this growth it has become quite apparent that a method is required whereby we can all share and learn more about one another more effectively. Not just within the confines of our own school, but between Beaconhouse schools, cities and countries.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce The Beaconhouse Times, an online news portal where you will be able to learn about the latest Beaconhouse initiatives and each other. The Beaconhouse Times, or TBT, is not a new project, its origins date back to the mid-1990s when it was a printed magazine. Today, on Beaconhouse`s 36th Anniversary, The Beaconhouse Times goes online!

A network of over 260 student and teacher correspondents has been established across Pakistan. These correspondents will bring you campus news on a regular basis and will also help you contribute with features and articles of your own and help you participate in competitions from time-to-time.

TBT is expected to be the ultimate access point for all international and national Beaconhouse schools, allowing us to share the achievements of all our students, teachers and staff members. This forum is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences and practices and to interact with your peers from across the entire Beaconhouse world.

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