Student Council Elections News Story

Mehr Raza | Staff Correspondent TBT | Frontier Campus, Girls Branch

October 13, 2014

Peshawar: September 24 marked the beginning of the elections in FC Girls Branch. Students cast their votes to determine the student council. Despite the sweltering heat, the spirit of the students was commendable.

Campaigns were initiated two weeks ago and preparations were in full swing. Walls of the school were decorated with posters of the respective nominees. Contestants also distributed their flamboyant name emblems amongst their house fellows to secure support for themselves. Printed banners and decorated chart papers were hung both inside and outside the school building. Students pondered over choosing the most eligible nominee worthy of their vote.

The voting day was welcomed with high morale. Students from Class VI to XI secured their votes on ballot papers. Everybody anxiously waited for the results which were announced after recess on the same day. As names of the winners were announced, the students applauded them.

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