Celebrating Orange News Story

Shahzad Afzal | Staff Correspondent TBT | Junior Branch, Multan

March 5, 2012

Multan: Orange Day was celebrated on January 24, 2012, after a week of preparations by the students of Early Years. The host for the programme, Ms Bushra Mukhtar, introduced the theme of the day by telling the audience about the origin of the colour and different ideas, emotions and messages that people all over the world associate with the colour orange.

The Pre-Nursery students presented a stylish catwalk parade that drew loud cheers from the audience. It was followed by 'The Orange Song', sung by Nursery-Green students, in which they told the audience the names of all the objects that are orange in colour.

Next up, the students of Nursery-Red performed an interesting action rhyme, 'Oranges and Lemons' and described some of the items they used when they were babies in their own unique and interesting manner. The audience also listened to the talented students of KG-Green talking about their orange coloured toys and saw the objects that they had brought along with them. The students of KG-Red shared the benefits of orange juice for the human body.

The students of Early Years shared their views about what they had learnt from the programme. At the end, Branch Head Ms Iram Muddassir came on stage and appreciated both the performances of the students and the efforts of the Early Years' teachers for organising such a remarkable event.

Students Presenting on Orange Day

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