BNU Supports RTI News Story

Zaeem Yaqoob Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse National University

May 14, 2014

Lahore: Beaconhouse National University (BNU) has embarked on a project to support the implementation of the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information (RTI) Act 2013 by strengthening its demand side – starting/piloting in selected districts of Punjab – Lahore Faisalabad, and Multan.

This project is funded by the World Bank (Subnational Governance funding [UK-DfID] linked with the World Bank’s Punjab Public Management Reform Project). The project is being led by a creative cell formed under the Centre for Art & Design Education and Research (CADER) at the School of Visual Arts & Design.

In order to achieve its objectives, there are two sets of activities envisaged under the project: (a) conducting think tank dialogues, and (b) youth mobilisation activities. Specifically, the project intends to: (a) highlight the importance of RTI and its implementation by stimulating dialogues/discussions among think tanks; and (b) raise awareness and build capacity of youth (university/college level students) at the local level in order to improve their knowledge of the RTI law and related processes, so that they can volunteer and spearhead campaigning to inform society about their rights under the law and how to utilise it to improve outcomes. This will be achieved by conducting different workshops and competitions in the above mentioned three districts, involving students from public and private colleges (for youth mobilisation), and members of bar, media, politicians, NGOs, academics, and civil servants (for think tank dialogues).

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