Poetry in the Air News Story

Sarah Zafar | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Sadiqabad

December 23, 2013

Sadiqabad: BSS Sadiqabad organises a Poetry Competition every year to enhance the creativity and poetic skills of the students. This year, too, the competition saw the students producing some very good pieces of poetry.

Various topics had been given to students of different classes. The winners were selected from each class by the English teachers according to predetermined criteria. The winners were:

• Zainab Sahi
• Mujtaba Nasir
• Zoha Khan
• Nabeeha Zahid
• Urwa Mazari
• Esha Salam
• Fatima Asif
• Usman Afzal Warraich
• Maryam Saleem
• Hajra Bajwa
• Mohammad Qasim
• Ali Waseem
• Inshal Zahra
• Marwa Zahid
• Unsa Hussain
• Ahzem Imran
• Ishba Kashif
• Uzair Ijaz
• Tahoor Ali Amir

Students take part in the Poetry Competition

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