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Head Office Celebrates Beaconhouse`s 36th Anniversary News Story

November 10, 2011: The Beaconhouse School System celebrated its 36th anniversary with much enthusiasm.  Staff organised cake-cutting ceremonies at BSS offices across the nation.

The Beaconhouse Head Office celebrated this occasion with a grand cake cutting ceremony with balloons and buntings, in the presence of Mr Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, Chairperson Mrs Nareen Mahmud Kasuri, Chief Executive Mr. Kasim Kasuri, Director Mr. Nassir Kasuri, Mrs. Shahzadi Mirza, Mrs. Roohi Haq and many other senior personalities from the Beaconhouse Family.  Regional offices in Islamabad and Karachi also participated in the event via live video conference.

In his speech, the CEO, Mr Kasim Kasuri said, “Beaconhouse is an ever-evolving organisation that is never static as something new is always happening within the organisation.  On its 36th birthday, I would like to wish all members of the Beaconhouse community all the best, with the hope that together we will take this organisation to new levels of success.”

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