A Joyous Occasion News Story

Maleha Barry Farrukh | Events Supervisor | TNS Beaconhouse

November 20, 2013

Lahore: Eid is a joyous event that usually centres on children, for whom it is all about dressing up, getting Eidi and satisfying that sweet tooth! Eid-ul-Adha brings to that equation the added excitement of cows, goats and sheep, which the children just love to see.

TNS Beaconhouse celebrated a jubilant Eid with the students at the centre of attention. It was a big day for the children as they got to show off their pretty Eid outfits, along with bangles and henna tattoos for the girls and face painting for the boys. The boys were dressed in shalwar kameez and Peshawari caps, traditional attire for the congregational Eid prayers.

A pot luck feast with quite a spread was the highlight of the celebrations and everyone enjoyed the homemade treats. The entire school was decorated by the children in traditional Eid style.

All in all, it was a cheerful event where the children enjoyed themselves and also spread joy to the less fortunate by collecting a substantial amount of money for charity, which was donated to SOS Village.

TNS Beaconhouse students enjoy Eid celebrations at the school

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