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A brief history of our school

Miral Zubair & Maheen Irshad | Student Correspondents TBT | FC Campus

Peshawar: The Frontier Corps (FC) Campus was added as a Senior Branch to the BSS Peshawar network in September 2000, with Mrs Nawab Ali Khan as the Headmistress. The campus lies in the heart of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Why was it created?

This branch was set up because of the rapidly-growing student population at the first BSS Peshawar branch, Jamrud Campus (JC). JC was not able to accommodate the overwhelming number of students and parking space was also beginning to get very limited. And so, a new BSS campus was born!

Roots and origins

A new building, erected within the Frontier Corps base in Hayatabad Phase 6, had been initially constructed to serve as the administrative headquarters for the officials at Fort Bala Hisar. It was the perfect springboard to expand the school system. The large building, with its many spacious rooms overlooking the vast grounds, was ideal for the upcoming school's needs. Thus, the building was leased to the Beaconhouse School System by the Frontier Corps.

Early days

At first, many parents were reluctant to enrol their children at the Frontier Campus because of its remote location and the resulting long commute. The first batch of students mostly consisted of transferred students from other BSS branches, particularly JC. The empty rooms in FC Campus desperately needed to be filled.

FC Campus fashions a name for itself

Soon, however, the student population began to grow. As time flew by, FC Campus gained prestige and popularity. Outstanding academic results and achievements carved the path to success!

As of 2012, the empty rooms that once used to be too many are now too few. It is commendable how far the school has come from its humble beginnings!

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