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Huda Mir | Class XI-C Green | BSS Gujrat

It was indeed an event of class; it was new and unique, and it was the first time the people of Gujrat were experiencing it. It makes me swell with pride that I was a part of that Team of Brains behind it - who did it and who had brought it all here, an over-whelming success and positive response awarding all our efforts and hard work.

Gujrat is not as it was before; it is continuously developing, but development does not mean new buildings and jobs, rather something more matter-of-fact, and that is a new way of thinking, acting and behaving. This need is not very well fulfilled and that is why The Leading Edge was initiated. Yes I am explaining what The Leading Edge actually is! It is a student organisation, and the very first one in Gujrat. Heading the 'Team of Brains' list is its Founder and CEO Hashim Hayat from the 2011 O Levels Batch. So, his brainchild was welcomed quite positively by the rest of us, both alumni and present students, and, as The Leading Edge is an organisation for the community, we had an appreciable (and continuously swelling) number of students as well as interested people joining from other institutions and other cities too! The Leading Edge (TLE) aims to provide platforms to those who had skills, to provide exposure and educate people, and everybody agreed to the dire need of it.

After a series of interviews and meetings, TLE's Executive Host Team was announced and we started working on our very first execution: it was to be a student conference, titled 'Islam and the Modern World.' The preparations started and everybody played their roles whole-heartedly. It had to be a success, no matter what; we had to show the people our concerns, and portray the effectiveness and worth of TLE, and we were going to do that. The venue was Akbar's Resort (Google it if you don't know it) and the date: 2nd December 2012. I was to be the host along with a teammate. Soon the modules which were to be discussed were decided, and the search for highly-qualified and knowledgeable speakers began. According to the format, there were to be different sessions in the conference, each dedicated to a separate module; after the speaker gave his/her speech, it was the delegates' debate session. While this search was going on, the IT Department was busy making online registrations forms, the Publications Department busy spreading the word, the Registrations Department busy in registrations, obviously, and the event organisers squeezing out the best of the plans from their minds. Days neared, and we prepared.

Finally, it was 2nd December when early in the morning Team TLE arrived at the venue. Arrangements were all done and gave a graceful and decent look. The security members held their positions as our delegations and guests started arriving. Apart from those belonging to Gujrat, they were from cities including Islamabad, Jhelum, Kharian, Gujranwala as well as Mirpur, and so were all the speakers. Just as with the name of Allah, we began our Conference, we all realised that it did not go as we had thought of. Instead, the whole idea proved even better as it unfolded gradually! Everything was so organised, so controlled and well-thought out that it seemed impossible that a group of students (or I should rather rephrase it as just teenage students) were behind it. The discipline was maintained and the hosts as well as the chairs maintained a wonderful grip on the event. Delegates actively participated as they had prepared well with the help of the study guides provided, and speakers enjoyed the whole venture. There were prayer breaks, tea break and an interesting questions round which added to the joie de vivre and you could tell that everyone was quite pleased on being there. Here I list below the persons who were our esteemed speakers and the modules they discussed:

• Professor Nadeem Abbas (Professor at the University of Gujrat) - 'Is Quran Only for Recitation?'
• Dr Nasir Aziz (Principal Royal Medical College Sargodha) - 'Do Islam and Modern Science oppose each other?'
• Ms Fauzia Munir (Teacher at the Superior College, Kharian) - 'Rights of women in Islam'
• Dr Mian Ali (Doctor and Researcher of HIV Aids) - Crisis Module
• Mr Mian Imran Masood (Former Education Minister of Punjab) - 'Is Pakistan an Islamic Republic?'
• Mr Ali Moeen Nawazish (World Record Holder, scored 21 As in A Levels) - 'Is our Education System Islamic or not?'

Yes, they did grace the occasion, and the discussions were full to the brim with knowledge and wisdom! Finally, the conference arrived to its end. There was a Presentation Ceremony and Mr Qamar Zaman Kaira arrived as the Chief Guest. Delegates, who were being marked for their questioning, answering, elaboration on points and presenting proposals, were then awarded according to their scored points in different categories. The sponsors for the event were thanked and presented souvenirs, and so were the speakers as well as the host team members.

With beaming faces, we all headed home. Our efforts had borne fruit! And we were greatly praised! I cannot forget the comments I received when I came to school the other day, "You people did something much past expectations, on such a large scale, and you're just kids...!" etc. Well, I can just say that hard work and true efforts never go in vain, especially if for a cause like ours. With sparks on the field, TLE got the acceleration it needed, and now, as it is well known, we will continue to work on our goals! Big congratulations, Team TLE!

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