Outshining Projects News Story

Saiqa Rasheed | Staff Correspondent TBT | Cantt Campus

December 31, 2012

Peshawar: Cantt Campus stood first in a grand exhibition on Recycling organised by the Environmental Planning Department of Peshawar University. The exhibition was a university level competition on recycling and reuse of disposed material. More than 20 schools, colleges and departments participated in the event. The students displayed their projects on stalls and made presentations discussing the features of each one and describing the material that had been reused and recycled.

The students' confidence was highly appreciated by everyone present at the event. The most interesting part of this whole event was that all the projects, posters and banners displayed were made during the Solid Waste Awareness and Recycling Week held at the school in November. The school won 1st prize in the category of Best Institution and Best Student Project. The students were awarded shields and certificates by the Minister Environment Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.


Peshawar: Like the previous year, this year the election was a week-long event. The candidates contesting for the election and carried out their campaigns enthusiastically, displaying banners, posters and badges all around the school. Booming in spirit and confidence, the candidates applied different techniques to convince their voters. They delivered speeches in the assembly convincing the students that they were deserving of their votes. They visited different classes to turn the ballot in their favour and held public meetings during the break and pack-up time.

Finally the decision day arrived and the school went to poll. The students of Classes IV, V, and VI cast their votes for Head Girl, Head Boy and Class Proctors. The candidates were elected and the much-awaited Oath-Taking Ceremony of the Student Council was held.

Headmistress Mrs Irum Raza, distributed badges amongst the council members and took oath. She congratulated the members of the newly-installed Student Council of 2012 and advised them to discharge their responsibilities with courage, vision and fair play.

KFC Environment Drive Art Competition

Peshawar: Sayeda Omaisa Hurryalai, a student of Class V-Red won 3rd prize in an Art Competition organised by 'Faryad' - KFC Environment Drive on December 4. A total of 160 students of Grade I-V from different schools participated in the event, including nine from Cantt Campus. The students were given three different themes for the competition such as global warming, water pollution, air pollution, etc. It was a live competition of 90 minutes in which students were allowed to use any medium for their art. All artworks were marked by the judges and the best three were awarded trophies. All the participants received certificates of participation.

Practicing the electoral process
Sayeda Omaisa Hurryalai receiving the trophy for 3rd position

Students presenting their projects to the guests at the Recycling Exhibition

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