A Scientific Investigation News Story

Fahad Ali Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | FC Branch Peshawar

December 19, 2012

Peshawar: Four renowned scientists, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Jabir bin Hayaan and Marie Curie, visited the FC Branch A Level Campus on November 27, 2012. Well their spirits did anyway.

The initiative was taken by the innovative students of A2, Sarmad Ashfaq, Zeeshan Ikhtiar and Mohammad Musa Nisar, to organise a Science Quiz. They encountered numerous problems but the Science Society came through for them, and fantastically at that.

The battle of wits saw squeals of excitement, gasps of shock and the occasional sigh of disappointment resonate through the oh-so-crowded lobby that held the main event. True to the spirit of a good novel or a movie, the end was shocking and called for a moment of silence. The group of A Level students who called themselves the 'nWo' were stumped by the brains of the Class XI (O Level) girls' team 'Zero Gravity', proving that age is just a number after all.

Scenes from the first-ever Science Quiz at FC Branch Peshawar

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