Skilful Cookery News Story

Nabiha Akhlaq Mughal | Student Correspondent TBT | BSS Multan Main

December 05, 2012

Multan: The Cooking Club is one of the activities introduced by BSS Multan on its Silver Jubilee celebrations and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Students are given recipes one day before the club activity each week so that the students can bring the ingredients required. Each class is given 40 minutes to make their dish which is then presented to the judges in order to be scored on the bases of their presentation and taste.

The first week was dedicated to drinks, the second to pasta and salads and the third to sandwiches and desserts. This not only encouraged the students to improve their cooking skills, but also brought about a great opportunity for them to use and display their creativity. The judges were mothers of students who were given the criteria to mark the dishes and declare the winners. The results were pleasantly surprising as the boys too got winning positions in week one, but the second and last week were a clean sweep by the girls.

The winning class with their dishes

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