Cleanliness for Peace News Story

Ambreen Khan | Staff Correspondent TBT | FC Campus Peshawar

November 22, 2012

Peshawar: FC Campus Peshawar, in collaboration with the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), took a major step to instil civic sense in its students by launching 'Project Cleanliness for Peace'.

The project aims to clean up the area near the school in collaboration with the PDA. Mrs Faiza Asif, Senior Mistress In-charge at the FC Campus, told students in her address that it not only was it very important to keep their houses and school clean, but it was also their duty to keep their neighbourhood clean in order to ensure a healthy environment.

She took the bold step to involve the PDA, the police, and the Water and Sanitation Department in the project. The target area was Nawab Market, near the FC campus.

Students, with the help of janitors, cleaned up the area while the local shopkeepers and passers-by stood in awe and watched them. The children also watered the plants and trees by the road with bowsers supplied by the Water and Sanitation Department.

The School Head and the staff vigilantly supervised the whole activity and participated where needed. The project was incredibly successfully.

Students clean up the Nawab Market area

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