A Day of Dignity News Story

October 18, 2012

Beaconhouse schools all over Pakistan celebrated the Global Dignity Day on October 17. The celebrations featured speeches, poems, stories and role plays presented by the students. Some schools also organised puppet shows depicting the class disparity in our society. The support staff, being a vital part of the school body,was not forgotten on this important day. The students presented beautiful, handmade cards to the support staff to thank them for their hard work and effort.

Students designed posters and placardswith messages about the significance of leading a dignified life and respecting the right of others to live with dignity. In some schools, the students wrote their views about dignity on leaf-shaped cutouts and hung them on trees.

A glimpse of the Global Dignity Day celebrations in different schools:

Spirited Global Dignity Day celebrations at BSS Mardan
The spirit of Global Dignity Day at BMTL
Valuing human dignity at BSS Multan
The Dignity Day was marked by speeches and songs at BSS Sheikhupura

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