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Zaeem Yaqoob Khan Zaeem Yaqoob Khan | Director Student Affairs and External Relations | BNU

August 27, 2012

Lahore: On October 10, 2010, documentary filmmakers, students, and other inspired citizens across the planet recorded the "human experience" over a 24-hour period and contributed their voice to the first annual global day of media creation titled "One Day on Earth". The collaboration was the first-ever simultaneous filming event occurring in every country of the world.

From Pakistan, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) graduate M Nasir Ali Mazari, who is now Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Theatre, Film & TV at BNU, participated in the event as a cinematographer and chose Poverty as his topic. The world premiere of the One Day on Earth documentary was held on April 22, 2012 and Nasir's footage was included in the final version. The release trailer of the documentary can be found on the link.

The second version of the One Day on Earth documentary was filmed on November 11, 2011. Nasir not only participated again as a cinematographer, but the One Day on Earth team also appointed him their local producer in Pakistan.

Nasir's 11/11/11 filming teaser is available at:

Nasir is one of the 113 featured members selected from among more than 21,000 participants of the event:

M Nasir Ali Mazari

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