Askari X Celebrates First Day at School News Story

September 9, 2011: Askari X celebrated My First Day at School for the session 2011-12 as students belonging to age group three to four years enjoyed their first acquaintance with the school in the presence of their parents.

Parents and students were welcomed at the reception desk and students were then ushered to their classes by the school management team including the headmistress and the early years coordinators.

Different activities were planned for the toddlers to make their first day memorable. Students enjoyed activities such as drawing, painting and colouring, among outdoor activities which included the Sand Area which was one of the favourite activities for students, as they created castles and beach houses.

Our music teacher helped students settle in their new environment with activities such as singing, dancing and performing on their favourite poems.

The story-telling area turned out to be a great hit as the students listened to the interesting story of a jungle boy.

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